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This mermaid was inspired by this story-

“The story of Muirgen says that her village was swallowed in a flood and she and her dog dove under the waves and found a cave. As the only survivor the cave became her temple of grieving. It was the alchemical vessel for her transformation. She became mermaid and her loyal companion became otter. Shapeshifters. Taking new form to express the new identity their journey to the underworld bestowed.

Later she is discovered by monks because of the beauty of her singing and made a saint and given the name Muirgen (of the sea). I love that the Irish tradition has such a wide sense of possibilities and holiness.”

- from Abby of the Arts

Ceramic, hand built and carved. She had a small ceramic heart made by a dear friend Erin Ellis. She also has lots of shells and pebbles added to the wave.

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